‘Homes for Cathy’ Campaign

As part of our commitment to ending the housing crisis, we have joined the ‘Homes for Cathy’ campaign.

The ‘Homes for Cathy’ Group is a national alliance of UK housing associations helping to highlight the problem of homelessness and raise awareness of the need for more affordable homes.

The campaign name comes from the 1966 television play ‘Cathy Come Home’ about the plight of a homeless family in 1960s London; last year was the fiftieth anniversary of the play first being shown.

Despite housing associations, and others, building hundreds of thousands of homes over the last fifty years, homelessness has not gone away. Today more and more families are being accepted as homeless by local authorities throughout the country. There is simply not enough affordable housing around to meet housing need.

For more information about the campaign, please visit www.homesforcathy.org.uk


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