Customer Feedback


Raising the standard of services for tenants 

Although our Regulator no longer requires us to publish information about the number and category of complaints and compliments received, as we like to keep our customers informed as much as we can, we have decided to continue to publish this information on a twice yearly basis, until further notice. Summary 30.09.17 to 1.04.18 – complaints and compliments received by category

GUHG Total Complaints GUHG Total Compliments
Major refurbishment/improvements 3 1
Repairs 18 4
Contractor 7 11
Allocations/transfers/exchanges 0 0
Environment/parking 0 0
Staff attitude/behaviour 4 33
Staff decision 7 7
Payments/charges/arrears 0 0
Policies/procedures 0 0
Condition of property at letting 0 0
Newbuild 5 0
Handyman service 0 0
Miscellaneous 8 0
TOTAL 52 56
  • A total of 41 (78.8%) complaints were upheld partially or fully.
  • Following reports of problems within a communal bin area notices were put up reminding residents to keep the bin store secure and to ensure the door is closed after use.
  • A complaint formed part of a monthly contract meeting following an issue on the Out of Hours Service.
  • The majority of compliments praised staff and/or contractors for their help and efficiency in resolving their particular issues or for their professionalism, helpfulness and understanding.
  • Communication by a member of staff was outstanding helping make the situation so much clearer
  • Gratitude passed onto contractors for their fantastic work.  Work carried out quickly, efficiently and to a very high standard.

For more information read our Customer Feedback policy