Communal areas – inside and out

All communal areas of residential blocks, including hallways, stairs and shared balconies, are the responsibility of Grand Union Housing Group. We have a legal obligation to ensure that these areas remain safe to use and free from items that may contribute to a fire or cause someone to trip or fall in the event of a fire and prevent their escape.

Our staff and contractors visit your area on a regular basis and where they find items stored or left in communal areas (such as bicycles, pushchairs, plants, furniture), they will attempt to identify the owner and request that they are removed immediately. If the items are not removed by the owner (or the owner cannot be identified) then arrangements will be made for the items to be removed after 24 hours. This will apply to all items even if it is likely that your think they are required and are in constant use. This is because health and safety is absolutely paramount.

If the resident that owns the item(s) is identified, then they will be charged for all removal costs. If the owner of the item(s) is not identified then costs will be payable by all residents equally via their service charges.

Please also note that, for health and safety reasons, no items should be left unattended in communal garden areas, in particular BBQs or large play equipment such as swings, slides, paddling pools and trampolines. (There is no issue with items that can be taken inside your property/shed when finished with.) Our insurers and solicitors have advised that items must be removed from communal gardens due to the potential for claims in the event of injury to residents and visitors.

We do understand that storage space is limited for some residents however, for the safety of everyone, it is vital that you keep all your personal belongings inside your home.