Customer update on Unification

We are delighted to announce that that following our consultation with you, we are officially moving ahead with our plans to simplify our structure.


Simplifying Grand Union Housing Group (GUHG)

One of our key working principles is to make things as simple as possible for you, the customer, and ourselves as an organisation.

At the moment the Group is made up of three landlord organisations – Aragon Housing Association, Rockingham Forest Housing (RFH) and South Northants Homes (SNH) – with multiple boards and many different processes and procedures.

The current structure means there is a lot of duplication, which ultimately costs money and means the Group is complex to manage and not as cost effective as we would like it to be. We want to simplify our systems and processes as well as the way GUHG is set up.

This unification is bringing Aragon, RFH and SNH together to form one single organisation called Grand Union Housing Group.

A Grand Union

The Group has already been working to align the services you receive, as you will have seen with the changes made to our offices, vans and staff uniforms.

Moving forward we will communicate with you as Grand Union, be that via email, text, traditional mail, over the phone or social media.

We are also moving to a single phone number, 0300 123 5544, and website in the autumn –

From here you would be able to access all of our services, pay your rent, report repairs and more.

What do these changes mean for you?

  • If you pay by Direct Debit or a rent payment card, it will not affect your rent or how you pay rent. If you pay by Standing Order, we will be in touch to update these details as they will need changing.
  • There will be no change to your tenancy or lease
  • Local services will not, in most cases, still be provided by the people you currently deal with
  • You will not need to tell Housing Benefit – we will do that for you
  • It will not affect your rights as a tenant or shared owner

What are the advantages and disadvantages of coming together?

Becoming one landlord will allow us to:

  • Deliver services more effectively
  • Make key decisions quickly and easily
  • Free up capacity which will allow us to build more much needed homes
  • Provide a clearer structure for our customers, stakeholders and staff
  • Enable us to develop a single service that reflects customer changing needs

The change will have no disadvantage on customers.

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