Independent Living

We want to ensure that you are supported to remain living independently in your own home for as long as possible.

We can offer supported homes for anyone over the age of 55.

We can offer unfurnished flats or bungalows for the needs of people who may require support to enable independent living.

Grand Union Housing Group gives a level of support, which is tailored to enable tenants to live a full life, while ensuring peace of mind for them and their families.

This type of housing model should not be confused with residential or nursing homes.

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Our vision is to provide choice to our residents through a needs-led service that delivers support, tailored to the individual. We aim to work flexibly to meet the changing circumstances of our residents.

Residents receive support from a dedicated staff member.

Independent living services are provided across different types of accommodation such as:

  • Flats in a block, known as sheltered or independent living schemes
  • Flats where care can be provided on site, known as extra care
  • Groups of bungalows in the wider community.

In promoting wellbeing GUHG focuses on five 5 simple, evidence based, steps. These are known as the 5 ways to wellbeing. They were developed by the New Economic foundations and are widely accepted by organisation such as Mind and the NHS.

  • Connect – build social relationships, spent time with others.
  • Be Active – take part in some physical activity, maybe not excessive but more that you would do if you stayed at home
  • Take Notice – take an interest in the world around you; take time to consider how you are feeling or to appreciate the smaller things in life.
  • Keep Learning – Maintain an interest in learning new thing; maybe learn something new or develop existing knowledge.
  • Give – make a positive contribution to the lives or others; volunteering is an excellent way to do this and can be very rewarding.

Who can apply?

You can apply for independent living housing if you are aged 55 or over.

If you are a couple, only one of you needs to be aged 55 or over in order to apply. We will also accept applications from people under 55 with a disability or have a medical condition's.

We will accept applications for independent living housing regardless of whether you rent or own your current home. Your financial circumstances will be taken into account along with your reasons for wanting to move.

How to apply?

For most of our schemes you are required to apply through the relevant council. See below: 

Bedfordshire Schemes:

Northamptonshire Schemes:

Schemes for which you will need to contact us directly to apply

For any of the above schemes please call or email Customer Services on:

0300 123 5544 /