Helping you to move to a smaller property

Financial assistance is available to help you downsize

If you are in a Grand Union Housing Group property and would like to look to downsize we can offer financial assistance to tenants who transfer to a property within the Group. This is a one-off payment depending on the number of bedrooms and type of your current home and the property you move to.

How much financial assistance is available?

This is a one-off payment of £2,000.

Who is eligible for the payment?

Tenants who move from a property to a smaller empty property with Grand Union Housing Group.

When we write to you to offer a transfer move we will advise if we can make the payment to you.  Please note that this scheme is budget limited and no payment can be made if the budget has been exhausted.

If you need practical help with your move, for example arranging removals, we can refer you to our tenancy support service, who will assess what assistance can be offered.

Who is not eligible for the payment?

The payment will not be made to:

  • tenants moving by mutual exchange
  • tenants or licensees of homeless accommodation who are offered a move to alternative property
  • sole tenants transferring from two or more separate properties to one vacant property
  • tenants who hold a market or intermediate rent tenancy.

Can the payment be reduced?

Any money owed to Grand Union Housing Group is deducted from the payment. Examples include:

  • rent arrears
  • repairs and damage the tenant is responsible for
  • removing items left in the property by the tenant
  • removing or making good unsatisfactory alterations the tenant has done.

Before you move please advise us if you have carried out any alterations to your home as we may need to inspect the property.

The payment will be made once your move has taken place and you have handed in the keys to your old property.

Will rent free weeks be given?

We unable to offer rent free weeks for a move.

I am interested in this, how can I find out more.

For more information please contact us.