Mutual Exchange

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What is mutual exchange?

Mutual exchange enables tenants to swap their home with another GUHG tenant or a tenant of any other housing association or council. This can be a great way of finding a more suitable home, either locally or away from the area.

How do I find a mutual exchange swap?

One way of finding another tenant to swap with could be via a Mutual Exchange website, the House Exchange website is free to use for GUHG tenants and holds details of tenants from all over the country looking to swap their property.
Please note: Some Mutual Exchange websites charge to view and advertise properties.

I have have found another tenant to swap properties with.

Please view our page on Mutual Exchange, Next Steps.

If you are thinking of a Mutual Exchange, below are some questions to consider.

GUHG tenants can contact our Allocations Team if you have any queries about this.  For example the type of tenancy you currently have, when your tenancy started and what type of rent you pay. 

You may also wish to seek independent advice before deciding whether to move by mutual exchange.  For example from a Citizens Advice or housing law centre.