Ending a tenancy when someone dies


Losing a friend or relative is a difficult time, so we have put together some information as a guide to ending a tenancy and who to inform.

Please notify Grand Union of the death of the tenant by either completing the form below or contacting our Customer Services Team as soon as possible.

You will need to confirm who the executor or next of kin is and supply a copy of the death certificate. A copy of the death certificate can be sent to our office before or when you return the keys.

The tenancy will end on the Monday four weeks following the receipt of death certificate and the ‘ending a tenancy when somebody dies’ form, the keys must also be received by the end of the four week notice period

Guidance on clearing a property.

  • All floor coverings and furnishings should be removed, unless Grand Union has agreed in writing that items can remain.
  • The property should be cleared of all items and rubbish. Grand Union is not able to offer a free rubbish removal service and therefore any costs incurred in removing any items which have been left in the property may be charged for.
  • Do not leave any open gas pipes or live wires. Always use a qualified or registered tradesman to remove appliances.

Other agencies to notify

  • Gas, electricity, water and telephone companies will need to be informed and meter readings should be taken.
  • Please inform your local Council with regard to council tax and housing benefit.

Returning Keys and Lifeline Pendants

  • All keys to the property, including any outbuildings or sheds, should be returned to Grand Union offices – clearly labelled.
  • All keys to communal entrance doors to flat blocks should be returned to Grand Union offices.
  • Any Lifeline Pendants should also be returned.

We may charge for the replacement of keys or lock changes if all keys are not returned.

 Ending a Tenancy Form