What type of tenancy do I have?


Starter tenancies

We give all new tenants a starter tenancy. This usually lasts for 12 months and will convert to a five year fixed term or an assured/lifetime tenancy at the end of the period if you have conducted your tenancy satisfactorily.

Which tenancy type will I receive after the 12 month starter tenancy ends?

From April 2013 if you’re a new tenant you will be offered a fixed term tenancy after the 12 month Starter Tenancy is complete unless:

  • you currently have an assured or secure tenancy with a housing association or council, which are often called lifetime tenancies. If that is the case you will be offered a new assured/lifetime tenancy.
  • you are moving into a sheltered/retirement property.
  • you are moving into a property designated for tenants aged 50 years or over.
  • you are moving into a property designated for letting to applicants with a local connection to the village.

If one of the above is true you will receive an Assured/Lifetime tenancy.

Fixed Term

A fixed term tenancy is offered for a fixed period of time rather than a lifelong tenancy. It is legally known as an assured shorthold fixed term tenancy.

Grand Union currently offers a starter tenancy followed by a five year fixed term tenancy. The starter tenancy  is known as the trial period and usually lasts for 12 months, but may be extended for a further six months. The trial period or any extension to it is in addition to the five year fixed term tenancy period.

We  will carry out a review at least 12 months before the tenancy is due to end.